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Welcome to Cinema Central

An Savage Castle Productions LLC Network

Cinema Central, a network of Savage Castle Productions LLC. The ideal for Cinema Central came from the U.N.I.A.. Marcus Garvey built a ship company and used it as a point of unity to bring people together. Instead of a ship company we are using entertainment as our point of unity. 

We are a network of 80+ writers, filmmakers, actors, comedians, rappers, singers, and spoken word artists. Pretty much created from a few film students and local artists. We double as an actors guild with free resources such as headshots, training, and video reels. We are currently focusing on short films, short docs, skits, and music videos. We aren’t looking to own anybody’s art or company. We just want to be the glue that helps hold together a beautiful movement. I don’t want to be too poetic and dreamy, this is legit. The members were carefully selected from some of the most elite creatives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cinema Central: Savage Talk

Savage Talk pilot!

Welcome to Cinema Central Talk! In our first episode we talk about the sexual abuse and the trial of R. Kelly. Tune in with Savage Soliloquy and Nessie!

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