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Be Patient, But Stay Aggressive

I need everyone to be realistic, but don't stop dreaming. That may be confusing but we really need to dig in if we are to go any further in this journey. We had a few people that thought we could write, cast, train a crew/actors and film a feature length film in 2-3 months. Luckily they got rid of themselves. Don't get me wrong, we could absolutely write and shoot a film in that time but it would take a full experienced crew. We are currently getting our experience, and alot of it.

So, how long does it take to make a movie? Honestly there is no real legit answer to that. The first factor would be the length of the film. It's almost impossible to find out real production times for most movies. Many people think of camera shoots as production, but there is so much more. Pre-production, production, and post-production make up the format for a film. Most records only record the time of shooting. A film named Victoria is credited as the shortest production. It was shot in real time with a production time of 128 minutes. That doesn't account for pre-production which could have been years. It could have been rehashed and remixed many times.

"The Thief and The Cobbler"(1993) stands as the longest production in history. It is credited with 29 years of production but was actually created in the 1960's and is still going through re-edits of the original film. That would put the film at over 60 years of production. "The Other Side of The Wind"(2018) took 48 years of production. Avatar 2 is being created by the best of the best but has been in production for over 12 years. The point is that we are way ahead of schedule.

P.S. We are still doing everything we can to accelerate the process without disrespecting our art.

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