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Casting Call for Time Travel Drama in Cleveland OH



Writer: Dwayne M. Castleberry

Guy reading a script
Getting ready for action!

We have a casting call for our new time travel film "Journey." We are looking for people in Cleveland and the surrounding area. This is an entry into the Short and Sweet Film Festival.

Character Breakdown:

1. Oshun (Lead Female, 25-35): A young mourning widow struggling with grief after the loss of her husband, Michael. Oshun experiences a time-travel adventure and must navigate the emotional challenges of rediscovering love. The actor should convey vulnerability, resilience, and emotional depth.

2. Michael (Lead Male, 28-38): Oshun's deceased husband, a loving and supportive partner. Michael reappears in Oshun's life after the time-travel incident. The actor must exhibit warmth, compassion, and the ability to portray the emotional journey of a man given a second chance at life.

3. Jackie (Supporting Female, 25-35): Oshun's friend who provides emotional support during her grieving process. Jackie encourages Oshun to embrace the present and take steps toward healing. The actor should embody a caring and understanding demeanor.

4. Shaman (Supporting Female, 30-60): A mystical and wise shaman who offers Oshun a reading for $1. The shaman senses Oshun's grief and provides guidance through an otherworldly experience. The actor should convey a mysterious aura and depth.

Audition Requirements:

- Show proof of skill

- Meet on Zoom with team members

- Headshot optional

Audition Dates and Location:

Dates to be announced. Deadline for the festival is February 11th, 2023. 

Production Details:

- Shooting Dates: TBA, will lean toward weekend dates. 

- Location: TBA

- Compensation: Non-paid


How to Apply:

This is a film festival entry with very limited time until submission so interested actors should submit their headshots, resumes, or any relevant info to ; Dwayne Castleberry by 1/14/23. We look forward to bringing "Journey" to life with a talented and passionate cast. Thank you for your interest!

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