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Casting Call: Romantic Drama

Title: "A Couple Made Single"

Genre: Drama/Romance

Logline: In a tale of love, betrayal, and redemption, two couples embark on a tumultuous journey as their relationships teeter on the edge of collapse. Seeking passionate and emotionally nuanced actors to bring these complex characters to life.


[Please note that the age range mentioned is approximate and can be adjusted based on the actors' abilities to portray the desired character traits.]

1. Adam - Lead Male (Late 30s)

- Description: A man wrestling with his own demons, Adam carries the weight of past struggles on his shoulders. He exudes determination and vulnerability, yearning to rebuild the love that once burned within him.

- Physical attributes: Leading Man, Tall and handsome.

- Required skills: Emotional range, intensity, ability to portray internal conflict.

2. Eve - Lead Female (Early 30s)

- Description: A passionate and vulnerable woman, Eve's fiery spirit masks a delicate vulnerability. She seeks to reconcile her own fears and rebuild the trust that has been shattered in her relationship.

- Physical attributes: Beautiful leading lady with a radiant smile.

- Required skills: Emotional depth, ability to portray intense emotions, chemistry with co-lead.

3. Robert - Supporting Male (Late 30s)

- Description: A loyal friend and supporter, Robert serves as a pillar of strength and wisdom. He offers guidance and understanding, balancing empathy with his own perspectives.

- Physical attributes: Distinguished appearance, expressive eyes.

- Required skills: Empathy, ability to convey nuanced emotions, chemistry with other characters.

4. Tisha - Supporting Female (Late 20s - Early 30s)

- Description: A caring and compassionate woman, Tisha provides emotional support to Eve while navigating her own struggles. She exudes warmth and understanding, offering a calming presence in times of turmoil.

- Physical attributes: Kind eyes, comforting presence.

- Required skills: Emotional depth, ability to convey empathy and support, chemistry with other characters.

Production Details:

- Shooting Location: TBA (Indoor settings, primarily)

- Shooting Dates: To be determined

- Audition Requirements: Prepared monologues showcasing emotional range, chemistry read with potential co-stars.

- Note: Although not required, including headshots, resumes, and any relevant showreel or previous work will help secure a role.

Submission Instructions:

Interested actors are invited to submit their materials (headshots, resumes, showreel links) to Please include "A Couple Made Single - [Character Name]" in the subject line. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for auditions.

We welcome actors who can fully embody the emotional complexity and depth of these characters, bringing their experiences and talents to create an unforgettable story of love and redemption.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to witnessing your interpretation of these captivating roles.

Savage Castle Productions LLC

Dwayne Castleberry, Owner


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