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Welcome to Cinema Central (CC). CC is a Savage Castle Productions LLC networking project. We are a growing group of independent creators and artists who decided to bring our crafts together to benefit Cleveland Ohio as a part of the industry. We are currently working on a few projects including short films and music videos.

Many people dream of being in movies. Others wish they could be in a music video rocking out with a dope artist. Here is your chance. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a wishful newbie, we want to be part of your journey.

The biggest problem that the average Joe has in the entertainment industry is that they lack resources to build a solid resume. They lack job opportunities and an actor that doesn't act is not an actor. We want to solidify you as an actor.

How will we do this? We have selectively collaborated with the right people. We have also been working on a way to simplify productions so that we can get more work done. Consistency is key. We are introducing techniques such as our ownership method to get more jobs. We are also personalizing this experience for those involved. Everyone is part of the creation process.

This is ground level for this collaboration so our foundational members will enjoy free membership which includes many goodies and opportunities. Your success is critical to our success.

There is no binding contract that would prevent you from working on anything else. We don't own you… just want to build a relationship that benefits us both.

Just fill out the very short application attached to the link to be added to our database so we can send you opportunities. That's it. No money. No bank information.


Don't forget to check out our latest music video for collaborator and award winning R&B artist and songwriter, Charles Reed.

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