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Cinema Central Talk

We are currently in pre-production of a talk show/vlog. There will be two versions of the show. One male centered and the other female centered. I know we are working on scripts but we will need all hands on deck. Contact me at to connect with this project.

We are looking for live performers, actors, and comedians!

We are looking for many positions. Many of these positions can roll over into other projects:


Casting Director, cast actors.

Costume Designer, manages wardrobe

Associate Director, manages sets, props, and technical issues.

Location Manager, finds and manages film locations

Make-up artist, manages physical look of actors

Production Designer, manages productions visual appearance

Associate Producer, helps with day to day production

Line Producer, supervises physical side of production(people, tech, etc)

Writers, creates, edits, or adapts creative writings.


A1, audio engineer

A2, audio assistant

Boom operator

Director of Photography, manages lights and cameras

Gaffer, manages power/cording/electricity

Grip, physically put set together

Production Manager, manages technical needs of a production

Runners, do production odd jobs/overall support


Composer, writes music for production

Foley Artist, records sound effects for film

Publicist, raises public awareness of a production

Title Sequence Designer

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