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New Stimulus 2020

It appears we have another round of stimulus checks on the way.

Long story short, a 5,600 page, 2.3 trillion dollar bill was passed. It extend unemployment to Mid march and added 300 dollars to payments. Added was 25 billion in rental assistance and a holds on evictions until January 31st. The most controversial part is the 600 dollar direct stimulus payment to individuals.

The proposed 600 dollar payment caused an uproar throughout the country. After 8 months of waiting for assistance, the government responded with 600 dollars and a boost to unemployment. This will come as much need relief to many but is it enough? I would say no. President Donald Trump rejected the bill because of it's excess spending outside of the U.S.. Let me be clear. It's more than one bill being discussed but its being piled into a clusterf**k.

The stimulus package includes monies for the Smithsonian(which is closed), gender education in Pakistan, a campaign for the selection for the next Dalai Lama, and many other things that shouldn't be priority at this point in the pandemic. Some of those things could have waited while we secured the economy. Losing a big part of your work force to poverty and closed businesses is not good. Car notes, rent and mortgages are due.

People are forced to work with a small group of big businesses or go without since many companies are still on restriction. For example, sports teams are some of the biggest employers in most cities that host them. Because of the sports bubbles, and social distance restrictions only a very small fraction of the workers are able to work the games this season whether its baseball, basketball, or football. One of the biggest employers not paying its employees will have a big negative effect on local economy and $600 won't help that. Well, since this morning the stimulus has been raised to $2000...woo hoo...I'm being sarcastic.

Okay, $2000 is better but it still sucks. It took 8 months for that. We should not rely fully on the government anyway(even though they fully rely on us). Invest your money and create opportunity for your family. Create a profitable LLC and make your legacy. If you receive unemployment try to use it wisely. When you get less, you have to make it into more. I wish you luck.

Plan accordingly. We don't know what the next couple months will look like. An estimated 9.2 million renters have lost jobs and are behind on rent and we are really facing another level of disaster if something doesn't change. Unfortunately it looks like politics as usual in the way of progress. We will move forward regardless, it just sucks when a bully has a tight grip on our money.

Cinema Central is here as a resource. we know the world is full of uncertainty right now. We can only get through this together. If you haven't signed up yet, go now

! Let's work!

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