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Cinema Central: Progress report 1/7/21

The first two meetings were amazing. We had a few technical issues but we accomplished our goals. We will continue to have our creative meetings on Mondays at 1pm for now. Auditions/training will be Wednesdays at 3pm. If you can't do these times reach out.


We have a philosophy of honor here. We will only use our resources for people who want it. Many people responded and many people went into action. There were a few that sent us many messages but stop responding when it was time for action. That is an absolute no in entertainment. If it's hard to respond to a video meeting or message, you might not be ready to be in a production.

Trust me, missing auditions will put you on the industry no call list. Production schedules are intense because you are dealing with many people. It only takes one unresponsive person to destroy a shoot. That's why we must take into account that people unresponsive to messages and auditions would likely be the same way on a shoot.

Please understand that while initial membership is free, this is not a cheap experience. There are many professionals sacrificing to make this successful. You don't have to attend every meeting but not responding after sending us messages about roles will put an unofficial red flag on your name.

Opportunities are limited but we are working hard to make more. We are a community but this is also business so we can't promote unreliable actors.

On the other hand, reliable people are like gold. The network is bigger than us and every member is crucial. Watch your emails. We will be having scheduled photoshoots for actors and active members starting next week.

Check out this video from the camp including Savage Soliloquy and DB Cardiac

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