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Roll Call! Actors needed for stoner comedy!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We are Cinema Central! We are working on a stoner comedy and need your help. We are doing casting call for our main and supporting characters. Please respond asap. Auditions required. Based in Cleveland, Ohio. You can respond by this blog or by email at Here are the roles we are trying to fill(updated).

  1. Jimmy Lane (Protagonist, Lead Character)Characteristics: Afrocentric, logical, cynical

  2. Billy Castle (Protagonist, Co-Lead) Characteristics: Hood Dreamer, lovable loser, stoner

  3. Mary Lane (Billy love interest)Characteristics: Dainty and Innocent, spiritual

  4. Debbie (Jimmy love interest)Characteristics: Caring love interest

  5. Jack (Antagonist)Characteristics: Conniving Narcissist, bad weed dealer

  6. Ralph (Antagonist) Characteristics: Aggressive Creep, Bully

  7. Alfred Carrol (stepfather)Characteristics: Older Afrocentric male, wacky and paranoid

  8. Ma Carrol, Anchor (mother)Nagging but loving mother, busy and hardworking

  9. Mae ( support)Characteristics: The dumb one, female stoner. Good weed dealer

  10. Blanche (support)Characteristics: Liberated Player

  11. Plug (support)Characteristics: Shadow ,sage, wise weed dealer

  12. Craig (support)Characteristics: Super Stoner, Eccentric

  13. Big Joe, Store owner

  14. Bully 1, flashback scene

  15. Bully 2, flashback scene

  16. Bully 3, flashback scene

  17. Extra 1 party scene

  18. Extra 2 party scene

  19. Extra 3 party scene

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