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What Does It Take To Succeed?

Ever wondered what it takes to be successful? This blog won't be long. It takes determination and learning the act of being consistent. Determination is the fuel to success. You will need it. Where do I get my determination? Sorry, there is no magic formula. Its all about reminding yourself how important life is. At all costs remind yourself. Whether it takes sticky notes, a reminder alarm on your phone, or a good friend or significant other that you make an sacred oath to remind each other to live life. In the end, you are responsible for your own motivation.

With all the motivational talk, I know 2020 has been crazy. The Rona has disrupted all of our lives, in devastating ways for many. I've lost friends and family members to it. I just want to send major love to everybody. We gone make it through this.

So what does it really take to succeed. It takes consistency. Consistency in your actions and mentality. Build a schedule and try your best to stick to it. Life will happen and you will have to reschedule stuff but you must start a schedule. When you are an entrepreneur or artist and you work it becomes harder. But if you have a passion about owning your own business or becoming an working artist you have to work.

Take note of your job schedule and how most jobs try to keep you busy throughout the day. They keep you busy to keep the business running(in most Busy is in the word business. You have to stay busy to succeed. If your business or venture doesn't keep you busy then you aren't finished building your foundation. A foundation is there to be built upon. Learn your business field, study your competitors, solidify your customer base. Fill the time you set aside for your business with either learning, teaching, or physical action like making calls or sending emails. Eventually you can automate most businesses, meaning they will run themselves.

At Cinema Central, we want to supply you with busy work to help build your brand. You are your brand. We just want to be the peanut butter to your jelly, the sugar to your Kool-Aid, and the almond milk to your Be sure to work on your craft over the holiday season. We will be hard at work on these projects. Happy Holiday!


Check out this video for the song I proposed to my wife with.

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