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Audio Engineering

Crafting The Sound Of Dreams

Need help with the audio on your project? We have your back, whether it is a movie, voiceover, or album. We also have an in-house studio for recording needs.  Let us polish your sound.

Music Portfolio

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Savage Castle Productions LLC has been connected with the music industry for over 15 years. Check out our collection of music. This collection includes music either featuring a Savage Castle artist, engineered by Savage Castle or has a design by The Castle. Click on album art to find streaming links.

Savage Castle Productions LLC

Savage Castle Productions LLC

Breathwork and Meditation with Kukiwa Bahlam

Carlos Jones & The Plus Band Collab with The Ark Band: Legendary Reggae Fusion! 🌟

🎥 CAST EXPO SPECIAL: Behind-the-Camera: A Christmas Story. Official 40th Anniversary🌟

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